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Dennis E. Keller
Settlement Consultant

toll-free: 800.544.5533 JMW Settlements, LLC
direct: 512.496.8934 Austin, TX 78701
fax: 254.793.2351  
email: dennis.keller@jmwsettlements.com  

Dennis Keller understands claim settlements from a worker's perspective. He is the only structured settlement professional in the industry who has actually worked as a brakeman, switchman, claims agent, and claims manager for a major national railroad.

This is relevant because the railroad industry gave Dennis his start in the settlement business and remains a vital part of his business. Railroad workers live in a close, tight community, somewhat unique in America today. They work hard and long and Dennis has a firsthand understanding of the risks associated with what they do. He has earned the trust and respect of injured workers and has been able to craft settlements that truly take care of the workers and their families for decades to come.

Not insignificant to his success has been his side career as a radio broadcaster, commentator, announcer, and producer at stations in Austin, Chicago, and Oregon. Productive negotiations are largely the product of effective communication, and Dennis's skills are a proven benefit to his clients.

Having shifted his career track to structured settlements more than 25 years ago, Dennis is a veteran professional who can be relied upon to meet anytime, anywhere with clients who need his help.

Areas of Practice

  • National Practice


  • BA, Gonzaga University

Memberships and Certifications

  • Member, National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA)


  • NASD Series 6 and 63
  • Life, Accident and Health Insurance