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JMW offers full service structured settlement support:

» For injured persons and their families

  • Introductory meetings to explain concepts, benefits, and limitations
  • Customized plan design based on analysis of personal needs
  • Explanation of how structures fit into existing financial plans
  • Support during negotiations
  • Plan revision based on negotiation progress
  • Coordination of payment delivery
  • FAQ

» For plaintiff attorneys

  • Introductory meeting with clients (duty to inform)
  • Customized plan design based on client needs
  • Negotiation support
  • Offer valuation and market pricing
  • Pursuit of medical underwriting discounts in appropriate cases
  • Settlement document review
  • Post-closing client support (questions, changes of address, etc.)
  • FAQ

» For claims professionals

  • File review (structure suitability)
  • Settlement proposal design
  • Negotiation support
  • Market pricing and "lock-ins" as needed
  • Pursuit of medical underwriting discounts in appropriate cases
  • Case funding and closing
    • Settlement document preparation, revision and closure
    • Third party assignment preparation, revision and closure
    • Funding vehicle purchase
    • Collection, coordination, and submission of closing documents
  • Post-closing claimant support (questions, changes of address, etc.)
  • Staff and retained counsel training
  • FAQ

» For defense attorneys

  • Confirmation of client policies and procedures relating to structures
  • Presentation/explanation of settlement offers
  • Settlement offer revision and repricing
  • Negotiation support
  • Settlement document review and consultation
  • Appearance at formal hearings to respond to structure-related queries

» For settlement fiduciaries